Courtyard HIROO

We share information of interest and information we want people to know through mobile phones and computers. Nowadays, most people have felt the value and joy of this type of sharing, so we want to create a place where they can experience it even more first-hand. We want to create a space where people can recognize each other's personalities and values and live alongside them. The origin of this idea was the courtyard culture in Europe and the United States. Courtyards are semi-public spaces that are rich in greenery where people who are relaxing, working, exercising, and living can freely meet and interact without boundaries. We are going to promote (renovate) this new way of life starting now.

We will rebuild it to suit the
modern times and take full advantage
of the lush environment.

It is our goal to translate this Western courtyard culture into Japanese culture, where it has yet to take root. The method best suited for this is to take on the natural environment that surrounds good, old buildings while rebuilding them to suit the times. As we pursued this mission, we came upon the Hiroo tenement house, which dates back 45 years into the past.


They make a type of yoga
that does not exist elsewhere
in the world available anywhere.

As a partner in this endeavor, we selected Deportare Club, which develops personal training gyms for first-class athletes and business leaders under the slogan, "If you exist, evolve!" They hold a variety of classes suited to different goals, including a self- developed yoga program that applies the latest sports science.

It resonates with the philosophy
of this groundbreaking chef.

"I don't need to hear about a restaurant called '81.' I want you to talk about what you experienced at '81.'" So said Takeshi Nagashima, the up-and-coming chef, who asserts that cuisine is art. Courtyard HIROO fell in love with the philosophy of this unconventional man who is shaking the foundation of cuisine, and recently succeeded in relocating him from Kanamecho.
This restaurant is like a theater to be enjoyed with all five senses.

In this space, people interact
across the boundaries of
companies and professions.

Yoga trainers, restaurant staff, curators, designers, and producers... The broad range of people involved in Courtyard HIROO enjoy a free collaborative space to gather outside of the confines of a particular company or profession. Our staff members begin by instituting a variety of exchanges in order to create and provide our customers with new, stimulating experiences.

It is a time to encounter and
interact with the people and
things before your very eyes.

This monthly event is a symbol of what Courtyard HIROO stands for. This is First Friday Tokyo. Encounter the charm of the courtyard - including yoga, art, and food - all at once. At every event, you will find engrossing experiences only available here. On Friday night, a variety of people and goods converge in the courtyard to continue to create new life experiences.
Share the Real.